Levantine Films Focuses on Character-Driven Motion Pictures

Jamal Daniel has more than 30 years of experience in managing investments in the areas of technology, real estate, oil and gas, and manufacturing. In addition to his career as an investor, Jamal Daniel is the founder and CEO of Levantine Films, an independent production company that develops and produces educational and artistic theatrical films.

Levantine Films strives to identify films focused on rich, diverse characters in socially relevant situations. The company has produced such successful films as The Fundamentals of Caring, starring actors Paul Rudd, Daniel Craig, and Selena Gomez. Based on the novel The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving by Jonathan Evison, the film follows a man who, after enduring a personal tragedy, begins caring for a boy with muscular dystrophy. The two embark on a road trip that becomes a catalyst for insight and reignites hope for both characters.

Released in 2016, the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is currently available for viewing on Netflix.

Al-Monitor Journalist Receives Award from Forum for Arms Trade


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Jamal Daniel is the chairman of Crest Investment Company, an investment firm with interests in energy, manufacturing, and technology. A strong advocate for the Levant region, Jamal Daniel founded Al-Monitor in 2012.

Al-Monitor is a Washington, D.C.-based news organization that covers the Middle East with the goal of fostering a deeper understanding of the region. Since its inception, the publication has grown to become a highly acclaimed and trusted source of news, thanks in part to its award-winning journalists. One of these is Pentagon correspondent Jack Detsch.

In April 2019, Detsch received an exemplary media award from Forum on the Arms Trade for his coverage of the Trump administration’s policy on Yemen. He was feted for unearthing news on the arms trade and ably explaining related issues such as weapons use and security assistance. While receiving the award, he called on the U.S. Congress to ask hard legal questions about the United States’ involvement in Yemen. Al-Monitor president Andrew Parasiliti congratulated the journalist for his award. The Forum for Arms Trade is a civil society network addressing the humanitarian and economic implications of the arms trade

The Divisive Legacy of Boris Johnson’s Turkish Ancestor Ali Kemal

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Jamal Daniel

Jamal Daniel is a Houston executive who chairs the Crest Investment Company and leads the The Levant Foundation, which strives to provide perspectives encompassing the major monotheistic religions across the Middle East. Jamal Daniel carries this vision over to his role as founder of the Al-Monitor, which offers news insights that reflect the realities of a culturally diverse region.

A recent Al-Monitor article brought focus to the family roots of London mayor and conservative leader Boris Johnson, who recently took the reins as UK prime minister. At the news of this ascendance, a celebratory mood arose in Kalfat, a Turkish village that views Johnson as a “local son,” due to his great-great-grandfather having been born there.

This local enthusiasm for Haci Ahmet Riza Efendi (known as Ali Kemal), belies the journalist and penultimate Ottoman minister of the interior’s reputation for treason among some nationalist historians.

Murdered in 1922, Ali Kemal had a strong belief that the state’s control should be reduced and was exiled in London in 1909. Returning to Turkey in 1912, he was a supporter of the British protectorate of the Ottoman region and maintained strongly liberal views as the War of Independence began in 1919. He was particularly vocal against atrocities being undertaken against the Armenians.

Unfortunately, these views led to a planned trial by the Independence Tribunal. This was disrupted by a politically motivated lynch mob that seized him from a train and brutally killed him. To this day public opinion remains mixed as to whether Ali Kemal was a hero and peacemaker or a betrayer of the aspirations of nationalism and independence.

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