About Jamal Daniel

An investment manager and entrepreneur working in the greater Houston, Texas, area, Jamal Daniel presently serves as Chairman and President of Crest Investment Company. He is also founder and principal benefactor of The Levant Foundation, a privately owned and operated nonprofit designed to promote better understanding of Levantine culture and history. In addition to his nonprofit work, Mr. Daniel has amassed 30 years of professional experience in a wide variety of oil, gas, high technology, telecommunications, media, entertainment, and real estate ventures.

Jamal Daniel prepared for his lengthy and eventful career with a B.A. in Business from California’s Pepperdine University and an M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business. Prior to earning his degrees, he attended Jesuit school in Lebanon and studied at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Jamal Daniel’s work with The Levant Foundation reflects his own unique heritage and his desire to educate people about his beloved homeland. The Levant Foundation supports programs that promote general religious knowledge and engender respect for the culture and history of the landmass that contains much of modern-day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, and Palestine.

Jamal Daniel established The Levant Foundation, in part, to emphasize the interconnected histories of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, and to place these three great monotheistic religions within the context of a rapidly evolving, multicultural world. The ultimate goal of The Foundation is to promote peace and understanding throughout the Middle East and the world at large.

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